On-site Training for Manufacturing Personnel

The Plastics Institute of America (PIA), in collaboration with Division of Continuing Education at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, offers a series of modules to provide employee training to enhance the knowledge, understanding and skills of mechanics and other technical staff working primarily with plastics. The training modules vary in length from 12-40 hours. Most modules include hands-on experience using the equipment of the customer company. The customer will consult with the module instructor to individualize the module according to the customer's needs.


  • In collaboration with the company-designed supervisor/manager a diagnostic test is formulated that accurately reflects the particular skills and knowledge contained in the module to be presented.
  • The test is administered to all those employees identified as requiring this set of skills and knowledge. Test results determine which employees should attend the training module.
  • The modules are normally delivered in 4 hour sessions, and there is a session-by-session paper feedback from the employees attending, on the value of the information presented and on the effectiveness of the instructors presentation.
  • Upon completion of the module, the diagnostic test is again administered to confirm that required skills and knowledge have been achieved.
  • Employees are awarded Continuing Education Units (CEU's) for the module hours at the rate of one CEU for each 10 contact hours. Academic credit will be established based on module content and length.
  • Instructors: Module instructors are drawn from the faculty of the University of Massachusetts Lowell - Departments of Plastics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Technology and Manufacturing/MIS, adjunct faculty and selected industry experts.
  • Interested companies should contact Nick Schott, Director of Training at (978) 934-3404 or E-mail to:

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Click the link below to see theSchott/Pottle Antec '04 paper which describes the benefits accrued to industries that have the PIA Modules:



“From Inplant Training for Workers on the Shop Floor.. to Seminars for the Corner Office Executives”

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