Other Links of Interest to the Plastics Industry



American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
ANSI information, news, upcoming events, and engineering links

American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM)
Membership, publications, search for ASTM standards and publications, and laboratory directory

Applied Research Lab at Penn State
Materials science research, hydrodynamics, manufacturing technology, acoustics & vibration control

CS ChemFinder Chemical Information Server-Cambridge Soft
Chemical database covering physical properties and 2-D chemical structures

Netstal Injection Molding Machinery

Career Resource Center : MSE, Materials Science & Engineering
Provides a brief introduction and history of MSE, as well as career information

Davis Standard Extrusion Machinery

Center for X-Ray Optics-Materials Sciences Division-E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
X-ray properties (attenuation, reflectivity, & transmission) of elements, diffraction efficiency of a transmission grating, and x-ray links

Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)
Organization information, conferences, phone numbers, registration, and ordering  information (document, databases, references tools, training aids)

European Commission-Information Sources and Contacts
Sources of general information and contact details spanning all the European Union institutions and agencies

IBM Research. Materials Science
Offers summary information about IBM research projects in materials science, with illustrations. Also contains links to other IBM and IBM Research pages.

PlasticsWire, the plastic industry press agency

Manufacturers Information Net
Manufacturing articles, and a search engine to locate services relating to manufacturing (computers, manufacturers, job shops, suppliers, CAD, CAM, machine tools, cutting tools, used machinery, new machinery dealers,  ...)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering
Faculty, research areas, and research groups

Materials Algorithms Project: Welcome to MAP
Features a library of downloadable programs, subroutines, and functions for the modeling of materials. Also contains general information about MAP.

Materials Interactive
This site uses advanced simulation techniques, using JAVA and VRML, to model the behavior of materials.

A searchable database of property data on over 17,000 materials including metals, polymers, ceramics, non-ferrous metals, and fibers

Formech, manufacturer of thermoforming and vacuum forming lab tabletop equipment

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Online library catalog and other fee bases services. (Free online library catalog search, other search services are fee based)

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Institute
Virtual library, information sources on rapid prototyping

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute-Research Centers
Research areas (electronics, composites, robotics, automation & handling...), faculty, and researchers

Sandia National Laboratory (SNL)
-- Organization information, news, research, events, and conferences

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
-- Databases (aerospace specs, fuels & lubricants, highway vehicles, SAE publications & standards), membership information, and meetings (Free, databases cost)

SubsTech is a free and open knowledge source on Materials Engineering. It contains a wide range of illustrated articles on metals, ceramics, polymers, composites and lubricants including their properties, applications and technologies for their manufacture.

The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (TMS)
Meetings, membership, and publications

The WWW Virtual Library - Engineering
A variety of engineering subjects (examples: crystallography, chemistry, ceramics...). These subjects are then broken down into internet links (universities, companies, labs, journals, and scientific conferences) (Free)

US Patent and Trademark Office
Database of front page information from US patents issued from 1/1/76

University Microfilms International (UMI)
Search 1.4 million dissertations and theses, also has links to ProQuest Direct to search through 4,000 publications (Free dissertation and thesis search, ProQuest Direct (need account))

University of California, Berkeley-UC Berkeley Library Web
Engineering resources on the internet (engineering societies, government resources, patents, standards, publishers, and some engineering libraries) (Free)

University of Iowa at Ames-Materials Preparation Center
Specializes in research on high-purity metals, rare earth metals & alloys, and single crystals. The Materials Preparation Center also has a materials referral system and hotline (MRSH), which deals with specialized materials

University of Michigan—Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty, laboratories, and research groups (ceramics, metals, composites, and polymers

The American Ceramic Society (ACerS)
Membership, meetings, and ceramic & glass publications

Alfred University-Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology (CACT)
Faculty, ceramic & glass research areas, facilities, and CACT newsletter

Ceramics & Industrial Minerals
Lists of weblinks (many of them annotated) relating to ceramics and industrial minerals. Includes an extensive list of manufacturers and distributors, as well as lists of news media and general reference sources. Also contains the archives of the Ceramic Chat discussion list.
Resource pages for clays and clay minerals.

The European Ceramic Society
Members, working groups, conferences, and information on the Journal of the European Ceramic Society


Composite Fabricators Association (CFA)
Membership, publications, meetings, seminars, technical services, and links

Composite Materials Handbook: General Information for Polymer, Metal and Ceramic Matrix Composites Areas
The handbook includes engineering data development methodologies related to testing, data reduction, and data reporting of property data for current and emerging composite materials.

Composites News Supersite
Recent and past news events in the composites/materials community, book ordering utility, calender of composites and materials related meetings nationwide (Free-but must obtain login password)

Dictionary of Composite Materials Technology
An expanded version of the print dictionary; material from the original print version is marked with a Technomic copyright. Unmarked definitions and all other material are original to the online dictionary

Engineering Design of Polymer Matrix Composites
Engineering Design of Polymer Matrix Composites. ... all the major generic composite material classes Guide to Composite Materials
Provides updates on vendor material property data

Glass fiber/composites technical library, applications, product line-up, fabrication processes

University of Delaware-Center for Composite Materials
Faculty, research , and publications

Worldwide Composites Search Engine
Contains information on companies, materials and processes in the composites industry. Also has a link to a "surplus material database."


Aluminum Consultants Group, Inc.
Provides assistance in materials selection, evaluation/analysis and development of aluminum alloys

Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites Consortium
Overview, membership information, calender of events

ASM International
Provides A-Z materials solutions directory, A-Z supplier directory, and a material site searchable database

Carnegie Mellon University-Center for Iron & Steel Research
Industry members, faculty, research, publications, and steel related links

The Copper Page
A resource providing information on the uses, suppliers, and trade of copper, advocating the copper industry. Also includes listings of the Copper Development Association's publications, as well as links to other Internet resources.

Finishing Dot Com: the Address That Finishers Know by Instinct
Contains demos for science classes, how to plate non-metallic things, and reference library full of excellent information.

Magnesium Home Page
For those interested in magnesium metal production & the production of magnesium metal components

Microstructures of copper and copper alloys
This site displays photo micrographs of commercially important and/or metallurgically interesting copper and copper alloys and processing.

NACE International
Corrosion publications, conferences, standards, and corrosion links

The Nickel Page
Information on the uses and properties of nickel and the safe use of nickel in the workplace.

A Short History of Metals
A history of discovery and use of gold, copper, silver, lead, tin, smelted iron, and mercury.

Steel Works
Sponsored by the American Iron and Steel Institutes, this page provides news, industry information, facts & figures, and related links

Links to welding and materials joining resources, searchable abstract databases, news, welding information


Automotive Plastics
Developed by the APC, this site breaks down plastics use in cars (engine, drivetrain, interior, etc.), and posts seminars on injection molding automation, design of plastic snap-fit features and assemblies.

Case Western Reserve University-Polymers & Liquid Crystals
Virtual textbook of polymers & liquid crystals (general background, applications, and preparation) and links to liquid crystal sites.

Dow Plastics
Dow materials selection guide, products, press releases, and free software (Free)

Drexel University-Fibrous Materials Research Center (FMRC)
Fibrous Materials Research Center overview, capabilities, and services provided to industry

Endura Plastics
Thermal plastics material selection guides

Geofoam WWW Site
Background, applications, products, R&D, publications, and conferences

Sabic IP
Sabic materials selection, technical tips, plastics news

A comprehensive tutorial on polymer chemistry and the uses of polymers, geared to the nonspecialist. Organized on the metaphor of a shopping mall to facilitate browsing of topics.

Asian Polymers Directory and Polymer Community

Material Properties
Lists of polymer trade names, polymer manufacturers

Modern Plastics & Modern Plastics International
Articles, world tradeshows, tradename directory, plastics and current news

Plastics Net
On-line purchasing/material data sheets/search by property/tech forums/education center resource utility

Plastics News
News stories, searchable listings of commercial data, contacts for over 1,500 companies (compounders, recyclers, and plastic lumber makers), and historical resin pricing data

A freshman-level tutorial on polymers and liquid crystals, consisting of a textbook and an interactive laboratory.

Polyurethane Foam Association
Publications, glossary, meetings, and keyword search

Asian Plastics Directory and Plastic Community

PPP Handbook: An Electronic Handbook for Polymer Properties
Provides estimated values as well as experimental values for many properties.

Rapra Technology Ltd.
Polymer & Rubber Database, polymer industry directory (polymers, additives, machinery, products)

The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)
Membership, publications, industry events, classified ads, and plastic links

The Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI)
Meetings, plastic links, membership, book orders, and trade shows

Properties Data

BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Materials science
Database of Engineering Resources: Materials Engineering

ChemNetBase is a searchable electronic collection of major chemical reference works.

Data and Properties Calculation Sites on the Web: Classical, Quantum & Statistical Thermodynamics & Mechanics
Provides links to a wide variety of data sites.

NIST Chemistry WebBook
Contains thermochemical, thermophysical, and spectral data for compounds and reactions.

NIST Center for Theoretical and Computational Materials Science
Archives, software, project descriptions

NIST Databases distributed by the Standard Reference Data Program
Numerous scientific databases (examples: chemical thermodynamics, corrosion performance, tribomaterials, molten salts, ceramic phase equilibrium database...) (Fee charged)

NIST Physics Laboratory
Materials Database containing physical constants, atomic spectroscopic data, x- ray and gamma data, nuclear physics data, and other NIST data

Swedish Ceramic Institute. Material Data
Contains examples of materials data for ceramics, compiled by the Swedish Ceramic Institute.

Thermodex: an Index of Selected Thermodynamic Data Handbooks
A searchable index of selected thermodynamic data handbooks.

TPSX : Thermal Protection Systems Expert and Material Properties Database
A personal computer-based program which serves as a database for advanced thermal protection material properties.

Where to Find Materials Safety Data Sheets on the Internet
Provides background information on MSDS, including a definition and examples. It also supplies links to over 85 MSDS sites on the Internet and ways to locate MSDS using non-Internet sources.


“Liaisons and Links with Other Major Plastics Organizations”

“Database of Other Useful Links”