Future Projects

In support of its primary objective, to help advance the growth and progress of the plastics industry through education and research, the Plastics Institute of America, has various publications in handbook, directory, book, journal, and conference proceeding format, in print and/or development. These works have been prepared in collaboration/co-sponsorship with members of the plastics community:

Publications in Development

World of Plastics

An introductory plastics primer book planned for high school teachers and students, jointly sponsored by the PIA and SPE. This book will provide: (1) introductory plastics industry information (materials, processes, enduse applications); (2) plastics career option information for high school students looking towards college; and (3) local plastic contact information for followup by teachers and/or students. Also, a second, more course work training intensive high school plastics text book is currently being researched separately in outline format. This second, more advanced text will incorporate lesson plans, questions, and answers, for both teachers and students

Journal of Undergraduate Plastics Research

Sponsored by the PIA, it is foreseen that this journal will be co-sponsored by plastics education institutions. It is intended to produce a journal that will showcase student work to potential employers and offer schools the opportunity to market their institutions, their areas of expertise and their educational services. It is ultimately intended that this journal will have international participation and be expanded to the graduate level. It may include sponsorship by the business community and related plastics industry trade associations.


“PIA Sponsoring New Plastics Product Material and Process Selection Book – In Development”

Photo Courtesy of GLS Corporation