In support of its primary objective, to help advance the growth and progress of the plastics industry through education and research, the Plastics Institute of America, has various publications in handbook, directory, book, journal, and conference proceeding format, in print and/or development. These works have been prepared in collaboration/co-sponsorship with members of the plastics community:

Books in Print

Plastics Institute of America:
Plastics Engineering, Manufacturing & Data Handbook

Plastics Engineering, Manufacturing & Data HandbookThis book will be of interest to a range of plastics professionals: tool makers, fabricators, designers, plant managers, materials suppliers, equipment suppliers, testing and quality control personnel, sales/marketing managers and cost estimators. It is also an excellent introduction to students studying the plastics field. Over 20,000 subjects are reviewed with 1060 figures and 415 tables in two volumes. Online development is underway. Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-7316-2, October 2001, 2200pp.

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Plastic Product Material & Process Selection Handbook
Plastic Product Material & Process Selection HandbookThis book is for people involved in working with plastic material and plastic fabricating processes. The information and data in this book are provided as a comparative guide to help in understanding the performance of plastics and in making the decisions that must be made when developing a logical approach to fabricating plastic products to meet performance requirements at the lowest costs. Book/Paperback ISBN: 1-85617-431-X September 2004

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Conference Proceedings

The Plastics Institute of America has historically sponsored topical conferences in the plastics and plastics related fields. Proceedings of these conferences are made available as separate archived conference proceedings publications.

Proceedings from past PIA sponsored conferences are available at $50 per volume through the Plastics Institute of America

Foodplas IV 1987, V 1988, VI 1989, VII 1990, VIII 1991
Recyclingplas I 1986, II 1987, III 1988, IV 1989, V 1990, VI 1991, VII 1992, VIII 1993, and Constructionplas 1992.



“ Plastics Engineering Manufacturing and Data Handbook: Volumes One and Two ”

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